Optimizing performance is vital to preserving a company's competitive advantages. Improved workforce performance can result in increased customer satisfaction with products or services, reinforcement of brand values and increased repurchase intent. It can mean increased employee job satisfaction and less turnover. Better workforce performance can improve quality, increase yields, improve efficiency, reduce errors, accelerate productivity and, yes, reduce costs. It can change the way your company works.

What opportunities do you see in your organization? What problems challenge your organization? The effort is worth the investment: Better performance means better business.

Dawn Snyder Associates groups our services into three areas: Learning Strategies, Learning Solutions, and Evaluation and Measurement. Each service area focuses on a distinct goal: Learning Strategies focuses on helping clients build a performance infrastructure; Learning Solutions are custom materials that improve workforce performance; Evaluation and Measurement focuses on monitoring and documenting the effectiveness of programs and curricula.


This is the strategic management and decision-making division of our services.

In this millennium, performance professionals are challenged to respond immediately to changes in the market, business initiatives, products and customer needs. To respond quickly, organizations need a robust conceptual and technical infrastructure for their interventions. Our learning strategies suite of services provides your team with the conceptual tools and systems to optimize and manage performance in your organization. Our offerings include:

  • Strategic plans for learning and performance
  • Performance and competency models
  • Performance gap analysis, job analysis and task analysis
  • Process design
  • Curriculum architectures and maps
  • Performance measurement systems
  • Evaluations of programs, curricula and other interventions
  • Establishing/managing the data warehousing, analysis and reporting function to monitor the effectiveness of programs, courses and curricula.


Our learning solutions are the custom materials we design to help your people achieve performance goals. We deliver these solutions in a variety of media formats (such as print, CD ROM, intranet or web). We create performance-based:

  • Training materials
  • Job aids
  • Performance support systems and materials
  • Documentation and reference guides
  • Process and procedure documentation


For companies who value the success and continued improvement of their programs, Dawn Snyder Associates recommends not only getting hard data but also intelligent and analytic monitoring of that data. We have over a decade of experience documenting performance outcomes at all levels, including transfer of training and business results. Our evaluation services give performance professionals the information and confidence they need to make decisions about using available resources to the company's best advantage.

Our Data Management services are ideal for companies that outsource their data warehousing, analysis and reporting. We can help establish this function and train your staff to maintain it, or we can manage all operations from our site.

A typical evaluation/research process consists of a situational analysis, strategy design, instrument development, data collection and analysis, reporting and follow-up. Your information needs drive the choice of strategy and method. As a virtual organization, we leverage the strengths of our partners to offer global services in a variety of languages.


With our services, clients can:

  • Define the selection criteria, behaviors and outputs for people that will support the company’s business goals.
  • Create a strategy and blueprint for developing people’s knowledge, skills and capabilities.
  • Deliver efficient and effective solutions to meet targeted employee needs.
  • Measure and therefore manage performance, documenting customer satisfaction, program effectiveness, transfer of training and/or the business impact of business critical programs.
  • Pinpoint how to improve existing training courses, curricula or programs.
  • Determine how to allocate resources to optimize a performance budget.


We help clients in 4 ways:

  1. We identify performance requirements that will achieve business goals.
  2. We provide information about performance (actual performance, performance gaps and root causes) so that clients can get the most impact from available resources.
  3. We create performance solutions that get results.
  4. We build and maintain evaluation systems that help clients make decisions about performance.
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